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front gate (plural front gates)

  1. The gate at the front of a property, especially a residential property.
    • 1918, Booth Tarkington, chapter 11, in The Magnificent Ambersons[1]:
      She walked to the front gate with him, still holding his hand, and he told her again not to “sit up” for him.
    • 1936, Margaret Mitchell, chapter 19, in Gone with the Wind[2]:
      Often in the late night hours, when the lamps were out and Melanie asleep and deathly silence pressed over the town, Scarlett, lying awake, heard the latch of the front gate click and soft urgent tappings on the front door.
    • 1942, Emily Carr, The Book of Small, “From Carr Street to James’ Bay,”[3]
      One morning Mother gave me a beautiful bunch of flowers. She said I was only to go with Father as far as Mrs. McConnell's front gate and then I was to take the flowers to Mrs. McConnell and say they were for the baby.