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From future +‎ -able. Compare Spanish futurible.


futurable (not comparable)

  1. Capable of existing or occurring in the future: possible.
    • 1845, John Nicholas Bennett, The Church History of Britain
      But what the issue of this conference concluded would have been, is only known to Him, who knew what the men of Keilah would do (1 Sam. xxiii. 12), and whose prescience extends not only to things future, but futurable []
    • 1979, Parviz Morewedge, Islamic Philosophical Theology, page 78:
      Man projects the future as futurable (possible).
    • 1985, Jacob L. Mey, Whose Language?: A study in Linguistic Pragmatics, page 319:
      By contrast to his crystal-clear, futurable insights, however, the 'furious reporter' leaves us very much in the dark with regard to what's going on right now.