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From French garçon.


gazoon (plural gazoons)

  1. (Northern Ireland) A young farm boy.
    • 1938 (reprinted 1970), John Ellberg, Tales of a Rambler, page 217:
      "[...] devil don't it subtract a bit before the thing goes skylarkin' as it will before—500–550—say this is no place for a gazoon that wants to see Father O'Houlihan before he kicks the bucket," and Pat strode off with the subtleness that bespoke youth and fine trim.
  2. (nonce word) A close body of men.
    • 1819, James Hogg, The Queen's Wake, sixth edition; in Dumlanrig, the Sixteenth Bard's Song, page 277:
      A close gazoon the horsemen made,
      Douglas and Morison the head,
      And through the ranks impetuous bore,
      By dint of lance and broad claymore, []


  • O.E.D. unabridged volume 4