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French garçon


gazoon (plural gazoons)

  1. (Northern Ireland) Young farm boy.
    • 1938 (reprinted 1970), John Ellberg, Tales of a Rambler, page 217:
      "[...] devil don't it subtract a bit before the thing goes skylarkin' as it will before—500–550—say this is no place for a gazoon that wants to see Father O'Houlihan before he kicks the bucket," and Pat strode off with the subtleness that bespoke youth and fine trim.
    Come and do your chores you gazoon.
  2. (nonce word) A close body of men
    • 1819, James Hogg, The Queen's Wake, sixth edition; in Dumlanrig, the Sixteenth Bard's Song, page 277:
      A close gazoon the horsemen made,
      Douglas and Morison the head,
      And through the ranks impetuous bore,
      By dint of lance and broad claymore, [...]


  • O.E.D. unabridged volume 4