From girl +‎ dick



girldick (plural girldicks)

  1. (LGBT, slang, vulgar) The penis of a trans woman.
    • 2011, Caitlyn Benoit, "From Straight Boy to Girl Power", in Trans/Love: Radical Sex, Love & Relationships Beyond the Gender Binary (ed. Morty Diamond), unnumbered page:
      Although I'm still pre-op, I have no qualms about utilizing my genitalia (I call my girldick “LuAnn” for no real reason) when me and my partner want to.
    • 2014, Allison Moon, Girl Sex 101, page 154:
      If she doesn't get full erections (which is often a consequence of androgen inhibitors) pinching the base of her girl-dick can feel delightful.
    • 2019, Chris Coles, "Paradigmatic Bio-Logic: Against Biology And Towards Translife", Occam's Razor (University of Western Washington), Issue 9 (2019), page 33:
      This is a revolutionary practice that not only recognizes the necessity of centering trans women, our girldicks, and our affects within feminist organizing, []