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go apeshit

  1. (intransitive, idiomatic, vulgar) To behave in an extreme manner; to act without restraint, especially by becoming explosively angry.
    • 1999, Buddy Seigal, "Even Old Englishmen Still Get Wood," OC Weekly, 26 Aug. (retrieved 16 June 2009):
      Dexter's vocals are competent enough: his timbre is thin and eternally teenaged, but he can go apeshit on the hiccupy histrionics like no one's business.
    • 2003, Ann Romano, "One Day at a Time: The Week in Review," The Portland Mercury, 1 May (retrieved 16 June 2009):
      Naturally, the touchy airline crew went apeshit and when the plane landed, the LAPD was waiting for Mr. Zizza.
    • 2008, "Socialista Doorman Jeffrey Trunell Wants to Let You In But Sometimes Can't," New York Magazine, 23 Jan. (retrieved 16 June 2009):
      He walked down the street and I was looking past him and he went apeshit—"What the fuck you fuckin’ looking at? I’ll fuckin’ kill you."