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From god +‎ lore (learning, study of). Compare German Gotteslehre, Danish gudelære.


godlore (uncountable)

  1. The study or knowledge of God or gods; theology; divinity; mythology; religion.
    • 1892, The Phrenological journal and science of health: Volumes 94-95 - Page 231:
      All these have apparently nothing to do with northern mythology, as was first supposed. The whole find has now reached the Danish National Museum, and we see that these pieces belong to the godlore of the Gallic peoples.
    • 2004, Benoy Kumar Sarkar, Wu Ting Fang, Chinese Religion Though Hindu Eyes:
      During the latter half of the Chou Period and the succeeding epoch of Imperialism we can observe the progress of this pluralistic godlore...Freedom of conscience leading even to seemingly anarchic individualism is the characteristic of the Far East; it has given birth to an incalculably varied godlore and saintlore.