guess what




Perhaps an ellipsis of "(can you) guess what I am about to say/happened next?"


guess what

  1. Used other than as an idiom: see guess,‎ what.
  2. (idiomatic) Used to introduce a surprising outcome or one that the hearer is not expected to try to guess.
    • 2007, David Richmond, The Software Entrepreneur’s Template, page 15,
      Guess what the top two success drivers were from his detailed research: a unique, superior, differentiated product; strong market orientation and voice of the customer built in. Guess what the top two deficiencies were: lack of market orientation; poor quality of execution.
    • 2011, Bob Merritt, When Life's Not Working: 7 Simple Choices for a Better Tomorrow, page 57,
      She started down on one end, and whether she knew you or not, she walked right up to you, got six inches away from your face, and said, “Guess what, I won!”
    • 2011, Jen Jones, The Girl's Guide to Wizards: Everything Magical about These Spellbinders, page 17,
      Have you ever said “abracadabra”, “hocus pocus”, or “presto chango”? Well, guess what? You were casting a spell!
  3. (idiomatic) Used to dramatize the introduction of an unsurprising outcome.
    I've only had two job interviews and – guess what – no job offers.
    • 2011, Sandra Gila, Vortex: The Journey of a Nursing Home Survivor, page 160,
      Yesterday evening at 6:30 P.M. there's a new charge nurse, he's going to give me my seizure medication and guess what? There isn't any!