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guide +‎ word

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guideword ‎(plural guidewords)

  1. A watchword; a word or phrase that serves as one's guide.
    • 1947, Wilson Library Bulletin[1], page 528:
      Naturalness is perhaps the best guideword to keep in mind.
    • 1996, Christopher Fynsk, Language and relation: -- that there is language, page 41:
      Heidegger accompanies this meditation, however, with a second, more overtly "philosophical" or "thinking" reflection on the "guideword" Das Wesen der Sprache: -- die Sprache des Wesens ("The essence of language: -- the language of essence").
  2. (publishing) A word that is printed at the top or bottom of the page in a reference work, in order to help readers find a specific entry.
    • 1936, Wilson Bulletin for Librarians[2], page 18:
      Secondly, the teacher-librarian must know how to use books herself to find information — title page, table of contents, index, guidewords, etc.
  3. (chiefly business) Any of the words in a memo or email that define metadata regarding the message, such as sender, recipient, and subject.
    • 2001, The New Office Professional's Handbook, page 280:
      One purpose of a traditional memo or e-mail is to provide essential information quickly and easily, so there is no restriction, other than appearance or practicality, on the number or variety of guidewords you include.


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