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Blend of half +‎ afro.


halfro (plural halfros)

  1. (slang, humorous) An afro hairstyle that only covers half the head or is otherwise of below average size.
    • 2007, Richard Peabody, Kiss the Sky: Fiction & Poetry Starring Jimi Hendrix, Paycock Press (2007), →ISBN, page 149:
      He met us at the door with this big 'fro, or half an afro, halfro—he slept on his right side evidently.
    • 2007, Tim Nudd, "Nothing says style quite like Members Only", Adweek, 25 June 2007:
      But I think the pitchman’s Art Garfunkel-esque halfro is more offensive, since it looks different in nearly every frame.
    • 2013, Matthew T. Bell, "Earth Drum", in The Elderly Kids: Short Stories, AuthorHouse (2013), →ISBN, page 21:
      One had a halfro and a Kobe Bryant Jersey that appeared to be unaccompanied by pants, toddler-sized Nikes peaked out from the bottom.
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