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A pink halter top


halter top (plural halter tops)

  1. A style of sleeveless top with a single strap around the back of the neck.
    • 2003, Reggie Chesterfield - Black Bra and Pantie
      A guy washing his car dropped the hose when he saw her in her lowcut jeans and halter top. She was definitely smoking today. However, sex was not on her mind.
    • 2004, Ebony Vol. 59, No. 9 page 154 [1]
      Tommy Hilfiger's silver metallic halter top worn over bikini
    • 2008, Women's Health - May 2008 page 141 [2]
      this full-coverage halter top has thick straps to prevent sags



  • dudou (Chinese form)
  • yem (Vietnamese form)