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happen along



happen along (third-person singular simple present happens along, present participle happening along, simple past and past participle happened along)

  1. (intransitive, idiomatic) To arrive by chance; to occur by happenstance.
    • 1892, Julian Hawthorne, chapter 1, in The Golden Fleece:
      "Now, if a rattling good earthquake were to happen along, you might awake in the morning to find yourself on an island, or even under water."
    • 1909, L. Frank Baum, chapter 11, in The Road to Oz:
      "[W]e can't 'spect a cyclone to happen along and take us to the Emerald City now."
    • 1928, "Science: Heavenly Hubbub," Time, 9 April:
      Novae, or new stars, are always happening along.
    • 2001, Linwood Barclay, Bad Move[1], →ISBN, page 148:
      "Well, you're the one who's always telling me not to leave my purse in the cart, and that's probably what that woman had done, and someone happened along and just took it."