English edit

Pronunciation edit

Verb edit


  1. present participle and gerund of hiss
    • 1941 August, C. Hamilton Ellis, “The English Station”, in Railway Magazine, page 357:
      Our solid, shiny chairs, our immense, dingy sofas, our heavy mahogany tables and our cast-iron fenders, often bearing the initials of long-dead railway companies, likewise our plaster walls of chocolate and duck-egg green and our hissing gasoliers have their roots deep in our national history.

Derived terms edit

Adjective edit

hissing (comparative more hissing, superlative most hissing)

  1. that produces or is accompanied with a hiss

Noun edit

hissing (plural hissings)

  1. The sound of a hiss.
    • 1875, John Lothrop Motley, The Life and Death of John of Barneveld Advocate of Holland:
      The hissings and screamings of the vulgar against him as he moved forward on his stedfast course he heeded less than those of geese on a common.