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Alternative formsEdit


hit-out (plural hit-outs)

  1. (Britain, sports) A match or session, particularly for practice.
    • 2009, February 6, quoting Helen Galashan, “Bill Marshall”, in Shock victory for twins[1], Bradford, England:
      “There were some of the dives that could have been performed better but it was good to have a hit-out.”
    • 2011, H. G. Nelson, My Life in Shorts, Pan Macmillan Australia, unnumbered page,
      There was a second prong to Bill′s in-the-dark equine hit-outs. He believed nocturnal track work produced great times on race day.
  2. (sports, field hockey) A penalty shot, awarded when the ball is deemed to have been sent out of play deliberately.
  3. (Australia, horse racing) A fast gallop.

Coordinate termsEdit