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hunts +‎ man


huntsman (plural huntsmen or huntsmans)

  1. A hunter.
  2. (UK) A fox hunter.
  3. One who manages the hounds during a hunt.
  4. Any of the many species of large spiders of the family Sparassidae.
    • 1985, Living Australia, Dangerous Australians: The Complete Guide to Australia's Most Deadly Creatures, page 111,
      Although they do not make webs, female huntsmans at least have not lost the ability to produce silk.
    • 1995, Anne Kerle, Ayers Rock, the Olgas & Kings Canyon, Northern Territory, page 129,
      The majority of desert-dwelling spiders are large burrowing spiders; the Barking Spiders Selenoeosmia stirlingi, mouse spiders, wolf spiders (Fig. 5.47), huntsmen and trapdoor spiders (Fig. 5.48).
    • 2002, John Kinsella, The Wasps, in Divinations: Four Plays,
      to say trapdoors and huntsmans
    • 2012, Carrie Tiffany, Mateship with Birds, Pan Macmillan Australia, unnumbered page,
      Two huntsmen spiders prowl Harry′s bedroom ceiling.

Usage notesEdit

The plural form huntsmans applies only in the sense of spider, although huntsmen is probably more common.

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