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hyper- +‎ texture


hypertexture (plural hypertextures)

  1. (computer graphics) A realistic simulated surface texture produced by adding small distortions across the surface of an object.
    • 2000, Anthony A. Apodaca, ‎Larry Gritz, & ‎Ronen Barzel, Advanced RenderMan: Creating CGI for Motion Pictures, →ISBN, page 417:
      The cost is high for this function, as it uses noise() many times to calculate the hypertexture.
    • 2002, Marc Olano, ‎John Hart, & ‎Wolfgang Heidrich, Real-Time Shading, →ISBN, page 86:
      In 1989, Perlin and Hoffert presented hypertexture, a modeling technique where an ordinary surface is thickened into a region of space with some density.
    • 2009, Rick Parent, ‎David S. Ebert, & ‎David Gould, Computer Animation Complete: All-in-One, →ISBN, page 218:
      The volume density functions that I use for gases are, in reality, hypertexture functions.
    • 2014, David S. Ebert, Texturing and Modeling: A Procedural Approach, →ISBN, page 203:
      Then, for each type of hypertexture, I construct a different "application" code, describing a particular hypertexture.


hypertexture (third-person singular simple present hypertextures, present participle hypertexturing, simple past and past participle hypertextured)

  1. (transitive, computer graphics) To apply a hypertexture to.