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From im- +‎ bootable.


imbootable (plural imbootables)

  1. (computing, of a computer system) Unbootable: impossible to boot up.

---> Looking for a matos and config god!"), in fr.comp.sys.pc, Usenet:

    • (ca veut pas dire que ca rend imbootable non plus)
      (that doesn't mean it makes it unbootable either)
    • 2009 May 31, "Jerome Lambert" (username), "Re: ASUS et Microsoft: C'est mieux avec Windows" ("Re: ASUS and Microsoft: It's better with Windows"), in fr.comp.os.linux.debats, Usenet:
      Plus drôle, si on peut dire, c'est une mise-à-jour de Debian qui a rendu le système imbootable!
      Even funnier, if you can call it that: it's a Debian update that left the system unbootable!