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imperfective (not comparable)

  1. Of, relating to or having the properties of the imperfective aspect.
    • 2006, Debra Ziegeler, Interfaces with English Aspect: Diachronic and Empirical Studies, John Benjamins Publishing Company, page 89:
      In the last chapter, we observed the rise of an imperfective marker in English, the Progressive, as the dominant and surviving member of a wider paradigm of imperfective aspectual functions in Old English, but which were no longer marked in the same way in later stages of the history of English.
    • 2008, Constantine R. Campbell, Verbal Aspect and Non-indicative Verbs: Further Soundings in the Greek of the New Testament, Peter Lang, page 65:
      The former is the basic imperfective subjunctive, while the latter is prominent or intensified. [] While the present subjunctive is imperfective in aspect, the perfect subjunctive is imperfective in aspect and spatially proximate.
    • 2012, Ronald W. Langacker, Essentials of Cognitive Grammar, Oxford University Press, page 157:
      Consider, then, the result of applying these tense morphemes to a perfective or an imperfective verb.

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imperfective (plural imperfectives)

  1. The imperfective aspect; a verb having this aspect.
    • 2005, Jane H. Hill, A Grammar of Cupeño, University of California Press, page 132:
      Examples of past imperfectives are shown in (42).
    • 2010, Viktoria Hasko, Renee Perelmutter, “Introduction: Verbs of motion in Slavic languages: Paths for exploration”, in Viktoria Hasko, Renee Perelmutter, editors, New Approaches to Slavic Verbs of Motion, John Benjamins Publishing Company, page 5:
      These putative indeterminate imperfectives are innovative in form precisely because they add a manner meaning to the range of lexical meanings available to Proto-Slavic motion verbs.
    • 2012, Ronald W. Langacker, Essentials of Cognitive Grammar, Oxford University Press, page 157:
      Past imperfectives are also unproblematic because imperfectives are mass-like in nature, hence contractible.

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  1. feminine singular of imperfectif