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Prepositional phraseEdit

in writing

  1. via a written message, as opposed to verbally or via other means.
    • 1852, Accounts and papers of the House of Commons
      THE emigrant farmers beyond the Vaal River having communicated to me, in writing, through you, their desire to come to a favourable understanding with the British Government
    • 1990, Richard Stoll Armstrong, The Pastor-Evangelist in the Parish
      What a comfort and relief it is to the families of such people when they can make the change with an attitude like that of an elderly friend of ours, who expressed her feelings about it in writing. Here are some excerpts: []
    • 2011, San Jose Mercury News, You won't read all about it in the minutes of Mountain View's public meetings
      Following a statewide trend among cities, Mountain View has opted to simply record in writing the actions taken by the city council []