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From Latin indelebilis (indestructible).


  • IPA(key): /ɪnˈdɛləbl/
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indelible (comparative more indelible, superlative most indelible)

  1. Having the quality of being difficult to delete, remove, wash away, blot out, or efface.
    Synonym: unerasable
    Antonyms: delible, uninsertable
    This ink spot on the contract is indelible.
    This stain on my shirt is indelible.
  2. Incapable of being canceled, lost, or forgotten.
    Synonym: unerasable
    That horrible story just might make an indelible impression on the memory.
  3. Incapable of being annulled.
    • Sprat (Can we date this quote?)
      They are endued with indelible power from above.

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