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From in- +‎ talk.


intalk (uncountable)

  1. Internalised talk or speech; talk associated with a particular group, company, or occupation; jargon.
    • 1968, London School of Economics and Political Science, The British journal of sociology: Volume 19:
      [...] describes her annoyance at being expected to respond to a leer 'out of business hours' and her account of her discussions and gossip with another young prostitute and her landlady (who has retired from the streets) bear all the marks of occupational 'intalk'.
    • 1991, Joseph D. Eure, James G. Spady, Nation conscious rap:
      So dense is the philly intalk and so laden with wisdom is the philosophy that undergirds the intalk that the editors of Nation Conscious Rap went to an indigenous north Philly philosopher whose [...]
  2. Internal talk, communication, reasoning, or musing.
    • 1992, Jacques Weisel, Options from Within:
      Intalk is generally activated from within, yet it is a result of outside influences. Intalk is when either or both sides of the brain is/are engaged in mental conversation.