Indonesian edit

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /intɛnsi/
  • Hyphenation: in‧tèn‧si

Etymology 1 edit

From Dutch intentie (intention), from Middle French intention, from Old French entencion, borrowed from Latin intentiō, intentiōnem.

Noun edit


  1. intention
    Synonyms: maksud, tujuan
    1. (Catholicism) intention of mass

Etymology 2 edit

From English intension, from Latin intēnsiō (straining, effort; intensifying), from intēnsus (stretched), perfect passive participle of intendō (strain or stretch toward).

Noun edit


  1. (linguistics) intension, any property or quality connoted by a word, phrase or other symbol, contrasted with actual instances in the real world to which the term applies.

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Italian edit

Adjective edit

intensi m pl

  1. masculine plural of intenso

Anagrams edit

Latin edit

Adjective edit


  1. inflection of intēnsus:
    1. nominative/vocative masculine plural
    2. genitive masculine/neuter singular