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Borrowed from Latin italus, itself possibly a borrowing from Oscan 𐌅𐌝𐌕𐌄𐌋𐌉𐌞 (víteliú), a name for the southwestern tip of the boot of Italy (today's Calabria), possibly a cognate of Latin vitulus (calf), meaning perhaps “land of cattle.” Other theories include the name of a ancient or legendary leader Italus, or also an old borrowing from Illyrian.




itālis m (2nd declension, feminine form: itāliete)

  1. Italic; a member of the ancient Italic peoples of primitive Italy
    (usually in the plural) itāļi, the Italic peoples
  2. Italian (i.e., a man born in Italy)
  3. (genitive plural) Italian; pertaining to Italy and its people
    itāļu valodathe Italian language

Usage notesEdit

The noun itālietis is preferred in almost all senses; itālis is most often used in the plural itāļi to refer to the Italic peoples of ancient (pre-Roman) Italy. The only exception is the name of the Italian language, for which itāļu valoda is as frequent as itāliešu valoda.



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