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From Middle English ecchinge, ȝitchinge, ʒicchinde, ʒichande (also unassibilated as yckyng), from Old English ġiċċende (itching), from Proto-West Germanic *jukkjandi, present participle of *jukkjan (to itch), equivalent to itch +‎ -ing.

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  1. present participle and gerund of itch

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From Middle English icchynge, ichynge, ycchenge, yecchyng, ʒicchunge (also unassibilated as ʒykynge), equivalent to itch +‎ -ing.

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itching (plural itchings)

  1. A sensation that itches.
    Synonym: pruritus (medicine)
    • 1856, Forbes Winslow, The Journal of Psychological Medicine and Mental Pathology, page 71:
      Itchings, hitherto unknown, are felt all over the body, and render my skin sometimes painfully tender, sometimes quite benumbed, as if it were dead.
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