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Galician edit

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Noun edit

jacaré m (plural jacarés)

  1. alligator
    Synonym: aligator

Further reading edit

  • jacaré” in Dicionário Estraviz de galego (2014).

Portuguese edit

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Etymology edit

Borrowed from Old Tupi îakaré (alligator).

Pronunciation edit

  • Rhymes:
  • Hyphenation: ja‧ca‧ré

Noun edit

jacaré m (plural jacarés, feminine (informal) jacaroa, feminine plural (informal) jacaroas)(chiefly Brazil)

  1. any crocodilian of the family Alligatoridae
  2. (strictly) caiman (any crocodilian of the subfamily Caimaninae)

Usage notes edit

  • The gender of this Portuguese word is always masculine. When the gender of the being itself must be specified, use “jacaré-macho” for male, and “jacaré-fêmea” for female.

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Descendants edit

  • English: yacare
  • Galician: jacaré
  • Hunsrik: Schakaree

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