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jauhe- (ground) +‎ liha (meat)



  1. ground meat, minced meat (of any animal)
  2. hamburger, hamburger meat, ground beef (of cattle)

Usage notesEdit

In Finnish jauheliha may refer to any variety of meat. If it is necessary to be more specific, the name of animal (or sometimes animals, see sika-nautajauheliha) needs to be added as an attribute, e.g. naudan (of cattle) jauheliha = "ground beef". Another commonly used attribute is vähärasvainen (low-fat, lean) which refers to "lean ground beef" if not otherwise specified.


Inflection of jauheliha (Kotus type 9/kala, no gradation)
nominative jauheliha jauhelihat
genitive jauhelihan jauhelihojen
partitive jauhelihaa jauhelihoja
illative jauhelihaan jauhelihoihin
singular plural
nominative jauheliha jauhelihat
accusative nom. jauheliha jauhelihat
gen. jauhelihan
genitive jauhelihan jauhelihojen
partitive jauhelihaa jauhelihoja
inessive jauhelihassa jauhelihoissa
elative jauhelihasta jauhelihoista
illative jauhelihaan jauhelihoihin
adessive jauhelihalla jauhelihoilla
ablative jauhelihalta jauhelihoilta
allative jauhelihalle jauhelihoille
essive jauhelihana jauhelihoina
translative jauhelihaksi jauhelihoiksi
instructive jauhelihoin
abessive jauhelihatta jauhelihoitta
comitative jauhelihoineen

Derived termsEdit