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Haircuts of Kastrati and Shkreli tribesmen, drawing made by Edith Durham

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Gheg term. Related to kaçirubë f (crest, topknot). See kaçirubë for more.

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  • IPA(key): /käc͡ɕəˈɹɔːt(ə)/, /käcəˈɹɔːt(ə)/, /käɕəˈɹɔːt(ə)/, /käʃəˈɹɔːt(ə)/, /kät͡ɕəˈɹɔːt/, /kät͡ʃəˈɹɔːt(ə)/ (Gheg)

Noun edit

kaçërot(ë) ~ kaçërotë f (plural kaçërota, definite kaçërota, definite plural kaçërotat)

  1. small crest, topknot, ridge (of hair or feathers)
  2. comb (of a rooster), cockscomb
  3. name of a haircut (similar to mohawk and Iroquois). Traditional and tribal haircut of Gheg malësor (highlander) clan members; Kastrati, Shkreli.[1] Similar haircuts were also worn by Arbëreshë (Arvanite) males.

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References edit

  1. ^ Robert Elise, "Historical Disctionary Of Albania - KASTRATI. Northern Albanian clan and traditional clannish region" (Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Maryland)