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kangalang (plural kangalangs)

  1. (Guyana) A ruffian; an unprincipled person.
    • 1989, Guyana Historical Journal, page 22:
      The editor of the Guiana Times described these women as "Kangalang" party women consisting of domestics and market hucksters.
    • 1995, Guyana review, page 31:
      She is jobless, a burden to her mother, caught up in child-rearing and spends the rest of her time crying over the 'kangalang' who abandoned her and her child.
    • 2011, Helena Martin, Walk Wit’ Me...: All Ova Guyana, page 133:
      My brothers got away one day and followed the kangalangs (ruffians) to the backdam, but they made the mistake of coming home soaking wet after swimming in the canal.
    • 2017 December 16, Guyana Chronicle[1]:
      THE legislative arm of the Government of Guyana has seemingly been taken over by Kangalangs. Kangalangs are uncivil persons who have no regard for the norms of an institution, group or social gathering and act to deliberately create disarray in their environments, in such manner as to disrupt normal functioning.