Literally, "gay kit". Both words were borrowed from English, but the word order is reversed in Portuguese: the noun (kit) first, then the adjective (gay).

Proper nounEdit

kit gay

  1. (usually derogatory, nickname used by opposers) Any of the sexuality learning materials proposed to be distributed in schools in Brazil, starting around 2008.
    • 2016, José Hibba, Indiretas Já!, Clube de Autores, page 60:
      Kit gay. Aberração lasciva lançada pelo governo do PT para contaminar as escolas e as crianças com ideologias homossexuais e com agressão aos valores morais das famílias. (N. do A.)
      Gay kit. Lascivious aberration introduced by the Workers' Party government to contaminate schools and children with homosexual ideologies and with aggression to the families' moral values. (Author's Note)