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kitchen table software


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kitchen table software (uncountable)

  1. (dated, idiomatic, computing) Especially in the early years of personal computers, a set of computer programs developed by an entrepreneurial advanced amateur or self-employed professional computer programmer in his or her own home; software developed by a small business using the services of such programmers.
    • 1986, Personal computer, Software Communications, p. 91:
      So much for kitchen-table software being small potatoes.
    • 1987, Jimmy D. Lindsey, Computers and exceptional individuals, →ISBN, p. 54:
      However, the need to evaluate software before buying is no less important than in the days of the kitchen-table software developer.
    • 2003, Robin Miller, "The business of making Linux easier to use,", 8 Jan. (retrieved 8 May 2009):
      More and more vendors, from IBM to "kitchen table" software authors, seem to be heading in this direction.