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Alternative formsEdit


From klassiek (classical) +‎ -er. The second sense derives from the fact that Amsterdam and Rotterdam and their football clubs Ajax and Feyenoord are, respectively, two of the most prominent cities and clubs in the country with a traditional rivalry going back many decades. A Feyenoord-Ajax match is therefore considered to be the classic football matchup in the Netherlands.


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klassieker m (plural klassiekers, diminutive klassiekertje n)

  1. a classic
  2. (Netherlands, soccer, often preceded by the definite article) a match between the football clubs Ajax and Feyenoord
    • 2014, P. Onkenhout et al., Koning voetbal: een lexicon van het Nederlandse voetbal, p. 134:
      Door ernstige supportersrellen wordt de klassieker sinds 2009 zonder uitpubliek gespeeld.
      Due to serious rioting by supporters [of the two clubs], the classic has been played without the guest club's supporter base [in attendance] since 2009.

Coordinate termsEdit

  • topper (match between Ajax and PSV Eindhoven)