kylie ‎(plural kylies)

  1. (Australia, chiefly Western Australia) A boomerang.
    • 1889, Annie Brassey, Mary Anne Broome, The Last Voyage, to India and Australia, in the Sunbeam, 2010, page 252,
      Then we drove up to the cricket-ground to see them throw their boomerangs or kylies, which they did very cleverly. One of the kylies was broken against a tree, but most of the others flew with unerring precision.
    • 1916, Royal Society of Western Australia, Journal of the Royal Society of Western Australia, Volume 1, page 57,
      The islanders have discovered that kylies made out of thin iron, such as ship′s tanks, are the most serviceable, and they show great dexterity in making them (see Fig. 6).
    • 2001, Jacqueline L. Longe, How Products Are Made, page 55,
      Kylies were used by prehistoric people in all parts of the world. Usually made of wood, they were banana shaped; both faces of each arm were carved into curved, airfoil surfaces.