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From Old Norse líf, from Proto-Germanic *lībą.



líf n (genitive singular lífs, nominative plural líf)

  1. (uncountable) life (the state of being alive) syn.
  2. (uncountable) life (the period during which an individual is alive)
  3. (usually uncountable) an individual’s way of living or experience of being alive (throughout one’s lifespan or in some period of it); life, lifestyle
    • 2011 June, Fjölnir Ásbjörnsson,[1] (sermon):
      Hvað hefur græðgin eyðilagt margar sálir og mörg líf?
      How many lives has greed destroyed?
  4. (uncountable) life (living things collectively)
  5. (by extension) life (the existence of an inanimate object as a functional or distinct entity)
  6. (countable, video games) life (one of the player’s chances to play, lost when a mistake is made)
    Ég átti bara eitt líf eftir þegar ég komst loksins í síðasta borðið.
    I only had one life left when I finally got to the last level.
  7. (uncountable, video games) health, hit points, the amount of damage a player can take before he loses a life
    • 2000 September, kjarni,[2] (forum), comments:
      Terran eru bestir í að survivea 6pool vegna scvs sem eru með 60 í líf..
      Terran are best at surviving a 6pool because of SCVs who have 60 HP [lit. 60 in health/HP].
    • 2006 February, kjellz,[3] (forum), comments:
      og já feral druidar í PvP setti eru oftast með MIKLU meira líf en warrior í Tier 1 epici
      and yes, feral druids in [i.e. wearing/wielding] a PvP set [i.e. item set] most often have MUCH more health than a warrior in Tier 1 epic [i.e. a Tier 1 item set of epic quality]



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