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Catecismo do labrego (1889), by Valentín Lamas, a denunciation of the difficult living conditions of farmers


From labrar (to work the land) +‎ -ego. Cognate with Spanish labriego.



labrego m (plural labregos, feminine labrega, feminine plural labregas)

  1. peasant, farmer
    • 1853, Juan Manuel Pintos, A Gaita Gallega, Pontevedra: Impr. de D. José e D. Primitivo Vilas, page 29:
      Por aquí nacen os ricos polo outro probes labregos. Estas son as dúas castes que hai en todo o mundo inteiro.
      Here the rich people are born, there the poor peasants; these are the two races that there are in the whole world


labrego m (feminine singular labrega, masculine plural labregos, feminine plural labregas)

  1. relative or pertaining to the farmers