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From Burmese လက်ဖက် (lakhpak, fermented or pickled tea). Ultimately from Proto-Sino-Tibetan *s-la and hence a distant doublet of tea.




  1. (rare) A dish, popular in Burma, consisting of pickled or fermented tea leaves (encountered in the West especially as tea leaf salad).
    • 2002 August, Gourmet, volume 62, issues 7-12, page 71:
      [] filled with laphet. Fermented tea leaves kneaded with peanut oil, laphet is, hands-down, Myanmar's weirdest and most wonderful contribution to world cuisine.
    • 2005, Fresh Cup: The Voice of the Specialty Coffee Industry, volume 14, page 45:
      [How long the tea] leaves stay underground is largely determined by the price the leaves would sell for; in other words, a laphet producer waits until the price is favorable enough to justify the effort of emptying out the pit all at once. According to locals, the best quality laphet is made in the Shan State hills [... which] area also produces black and green tea, for drinking.