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lav (clipped form of lavatory) +‎ -y (forming affectionate diminutives)


lavvy (plural lavvies)

  1. (Scotland slang) A lavatory: a room used for urination and defecation.
    • 2011, Robert Douglas, Whose Turn for the Stairs?, →ISBN:
      It must be great getting up suring the night and not having to put a coat on over your jammies to visit the lavvy on the half-landing – especially in the winter when it's below zero.
      2012, Glynis Dunnitt, Hidden History, →ISBN, page 61:
      When I had to go to the lavvy there I always had to use that stiff, scratchy, smelly, lavvy paper she always said she 'put for the 'young ladies' - sniff'.
    • 2013, Jess Smith, Sookin' Berries, →ISBN:
      Cousin Anna and other traveller kids were playing over by the lavvy, and as I ran to join them, something monumental loomed on my horizon – the lavvy roof
    • 2013, Eileen Dewhurst, Whoever I Am, →ISBN:
      And she doesn't have to keep going to the lavvy like poor Mr Thomas and Miss Welch and so many of them.
  2. (Scotland slang) A toilet: a fixture used for urination and defecation.