See also: leitī and léití

Fala edit

Etymology edit

From Old Galician-Portuguese leite, from Vulgar Latin lactem (masculine or feminine accusative), from Latin lac (neuter), from Proto-Indo-European *ǵlákts.

Pronunciation edit

Noun edit

leiti m or f (countable and uncountable, plural leitis)

  1. milk

Usage notes edit

  • This noun is traditionally masculine in all three variants, but in Mañegu and Valverdeñu it is often feminine under the influence of Spanish leche.

Derived terms edit

References edit

  • Valeš, Miroslav (2021) Diccionariu de A Fala: lagarteiru, mañegu, valverdeñu (web)[1], 2nd edition, Minde, Portugal: CIDLeS, published 2022, →ISBN

Latvian edit

Noun edit

leiti m

  1. vocative/accusative/instrumental singular of leitis

Tok Pisin edit

Etymology edit

From English laity.

Noun edit


  1. laity