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lesbo- +‎ -phobe


lesbophobe (plural lesbophobes)

  1. One who hates or has a negative perception of lesbians.
    • 1972, Natalie Gittelson, The Erotic Life of the American Wife, Delacorte Press (1972), page 222:
      Lesbophobes disown all interest not only in lesbians themselves but also in lesbian films, plays, and novels.
    • 1994, Joyce Trebilcot, Dyke Ideas: Process, Politics, Daily Life, State University of New York Press (1994), →ISBN, page 129:
      [] and because most men, being to some degree misogynists or lesbophobes or both, dislike me and other wimmin.
    • 1997, Kathleen Martindale, Un/Popular Culture: Lesbian Writing After the Sex Wars, State University of New York Press (1997), →ISBN, page 76:
      Much as I hate to admit it, that notorious theoretical lesbophobe, Julia Kristeva, may have been right when she asserted in her 1980 article, []



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