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level set (plural level sets)

  1. (analysis) The set of values x for which a real-valued function f(x) is equal to a given constant.
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Etymology 2Edit


level set (third-person singular simple present level sets, present participle level setting, simple past and past participle level setted)

  1. (business) To establish a baseline of mutual understanding
    "Before we start the negotiation, let's level set until we all agree on a starting point."


level set (plural level sets)

  1. (business) An event consisting of level setting
  2. (business) A state of mutual understanding among parties
    "We need to have a level set before we can go on, just so we're all on the same page."

Usage notesEdit

This concept is sometime used during major transitions in a business, to make sure all parties agree on a starting position, and so that their subsequent actions are coordinated.

Not to be confused with the mathematical term of the same spelling: level set.

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