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like like (third-person singular simple present like likes, present participle like liking, simple past and past participle like liked)

  1. (slang) To fancy; to be attracted to.
    Do you just "like" her or do you "like like" her?
    • 2008, Meg Cabot, How to Be Popular, page 131:
      i seriously think he likes me. Like, LIKE likes me. Did you see how he let me draw all over his shoes today during the convocation? Oh my God. What a mess. Because of course there was NO WAY Jason LIKE liked Becca.
    • 2009, Laura Fitzgerald, One True Theory of Love:
      “I mean, he like likes her. Like, he likes her.” [] / “That's different than like-liking her. Are you saying you have other feelings for her?” Henry sighed.
    • 2010, Pseudonymous Bosch, This Isn't What It Looks Like:
      “Yeah, you know, like liked,” said Cass, automatically raising her eyebrows to make the point, even though the Jester couldn't see them. / [] / “Like liked? What does that mean—that I like her twice? But I don't like her even once—I loathe her thrice!” protested the Jester.

Usage notesEdit

  • Used by children and teenagers to distinguish between liking someone as a friend and fancying them; it's far less blunt than simply saying "fancy".
  • Generally used as part of a question (or in the answer to the question), and usually in comparison to "like".