From likums ‎(law) +‎ -īgs (with likums from likt ‎(to put, to place) +‎ -ums).


likumīgs (def. likumīgais, comp. likumīgāks, sup. vislikumīgākais; adv. likumīgi)

  1. legal, valid, lawful (based on, in accordance with, in compliance with, established by, the law)
    likumīga prasībalegal requirement
    likumīgs lēmumslegal decision
    likumīga laulībalegal, valid marriage
    māju likumīgais saimnieks — the legal owner of the house(s)
    pie manis jau tev nav jāstrādā vairāk kā likumīgās desmit stundas, tikai desmit — to me you don't have to work more than the legal (= legally required) ten hours, only ten hours
  2. legitimate, legal (allowed by accepted rules)
    likumīgs gājienslegal move (e.g., in chess)


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