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Originally from the need to find public lavatories for children, but subsequently used more broadly.


little boys' room (plural little boys' rooms)

  1. (euphemistic, informal) Synonym of men's room: a public lavatory intended for use by men.
    Excuse me, where is the little boys' room? My son is about to burst a bladder.
    • 1934 August 18, Liberty, page 40:
      He accidentally locked himself in the ca—in the little boys' room.
    • 1938 November 25, Princeton Alumni Weekly, page 209:
      The first [sc. cartoon], representing a very young chap seeking directions to the little boys' room in the Metropolitan Museum, prompted the management to frame it and hang it in the aforesaid room.
  2. A room belonging to or used by little boys, particularly their bedroom.


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