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loading screen



loading screen (plural loading screens)

  1. (computing, dated) A graphical display shown while a program loads (e.g. from cassette tape), comparable to the splash screen in modern software.
    • 1986, Mike Cane, The Computer Phone Book: Guide to using online systems
      The color graphic loading screens are some of the best I've seen on a C64 and serve their purpose well — to distract the subscriber while the slow 1541 drive transfers the program into the C64's RAM.
    • 1990, Adidas Championship Tie-Break (game review in Your Sinclair magazine issue 59, November 1990)
      So, as long as you don't mind the substantial lack of 'player involvement', and the strange purple-skinned people on the loading screen, Tie-Break is a neatly put-together and enjoyable game.