From loathe +‎ -worthy.


loathe-worthy (comparative more loathe-worthy, superlative most loathe-worthy)

  1. worthy of disgust or loathing; despicable
    • 1998, Reg Saner, Reaching Keet Seel:
      These alternate with package stores like cause and effect: pawn, booze, pawn, booze, pawn, booze. In fact, aside from Phoenix City, Alabama, Gallup's aggressive squalor and blatant rapacity in turning Navajos, Hopis, Zunis, and others into alcoholics make it the most loathe-worthy town I am able to imagine.
    • 2015, Kate Bernheimer, Fairy Tale Review: The Aquamarine Issue #5:
      If I am a mother I'm a loathe-worthy, squeaky-weak mother.
    • 2016, K.A. Poe, Anathema:
      “Either way, it doesn't make the knowledge any less painful, or loathe-worthy.”