Central FranconianEdit

Alternative formsEdit

  • laafe (southern Moselle Franconian)
  • laufe, loufe (Kölsch; Westerwald)
  • loofe (Ripuarian; northern Moselle Franconian)


A relict from the old Low Franconian dialect around Düsseldorf, thus from Old Dutch lōpan, from Proto-Germanic *hlaupaną.



loope (third-person singular present lööp, past tense leep, past participle jeloope)

  1. (northernmost Ripuarian) to walk; to go; to run (move on foot, either at a normal or an increased speed)
    Mir sinn us de alde Stadt, us de Rättematäng.
    Mir sprääche richtig Platt un loope op de Häng.
    We are from the old city, from the “rue de matin”.
    We speak the original dialect and we walk on our hands.
    (Lines from a popular song in Düsseldorf.)

Saterland FrisianEdit


From Old Frisian hlāpa, from Proto-Germanic *hlaupaną. More at leap.



  1. to run