• IPA(key): /luːz wʌnz hɛd/
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lose one's head (third-person singular simple present loses one's head, present participle losing one's head, simple past and past participle lost one's head)

  1. (figuratively) To be killed, usually in a gruesome manner.
  2. (idiomatic) To behave irrationally or to lose one's self-control, especially in a distressing situation or as a result of falling in love.
    • 1884, Henry James, The Author of Beltraffio, ch. 4:
      Mrs. Ambient's grief was frantic; she lost her head and said strange things.
    • 1914, D. H. Lawrence, "A Sick Collier" in The Prussian Officer and Other Stories:
      Losing his head entirely, the young collier raved like a madman, what with pain and fear of hospital.
    • 2003, Bill Keller, "Walter Sisulu, Mandela Mentor and Comrade, Dies at 90," New York Times, 6 May (retrieved 12 Dec. 2009):
      "He never lost his head in a crisis," Mr. Mandela wrote of his comrade.
  3. (idiomatic) To be dismissed from a job.



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