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Lottery tickets of the 2016 Spanish Christmas Lottery, often called “El Gordo” (the Big One). Such objects are collected by lotologists.

Possibly lotology +‎ -ist, or lot(tery) +‎ -ologist.



lotologist (plural lotologists)

  1. A person who collects lottery tickets.
    • 1998 August 23, Richard Stewart, “Hobby doesn’t start from scratch: Unused lottery tickets worth more than their prizes to collectors”, in The Houston Chronicle[1], Houston, Tex.: Hearst Communications, ISSN 1074-7109, OCLC 10497860, archived from the original on 2 May 2012, section A, page 1:
      [Alfred] Ricks is a lotologist, one of a growing number of people who collect, study and admire lottery tickets – not for the prizes they promise, but for their art and value as collectors' items.
    • 1998 October 22, “Resisting the Urge to Scratch”, in The Sacramento Bee, Sacramento, Calif.: The McClatchy Company, ISSN 0890-5738, OCLC 1023092763:
      Star Trek scratch-off tickets are probably the most valuable of all the California games because they are prized by thousands of Trekkies as well as "lotologists."
    • 2011 July 29, The Denver Post[2], Denver, Colo.: Digital First Media, published 3 May 2016 (updated), ISSN 1930-2193, OCLC 1035039547, archived from the original on 20 March 2019:
      Held this year in northeast Philadelphia, the gathering is an opportunity to meet other self-described "lotologists," trade tickets and take a gander at the never-ending multitude of collectible material.
    • 2014, Eric LeMay, In Praise of Nothing: Essays, Memoir, and Experiments[3], New York, N.Y.: Emergency Press, →ISBN:
      Although most lotologists collect scratch tickets that have already been scratched, approximately 15% of lotologists collect unscratched tickets.



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