lulz +‎ -worthy


lulzworthy (comparative more lulzworthy, superlative most lulzworthy)

  1. (Internet slang, dated, rare) Causing lulz; amusing, entertaining, often with schadenfreude.
    • 2008, "", 40 to 50 thousand signatures NEEDED RIGHT NOW (discussion on Internet newsgroup alt.religion.scientology)
      lol. if tom / alan had a sense of humour, he'd know this post is lulzworthy.
    • 2008, "Joe Mama", Forgery Alert - Beware There is Someone Pretending to be Me! (discussion on Internet newsgroup
      I hereby declare this thread officially lulzworthy. Carry on.
    • 2008, "Hayashi", 大加拿燦小到唔停得手 (discussion on Internet newsgroup hk.politics)
      Li did what any normal citizen would do by brutally stabbing that cockloving douchebag to death and then beheading him, inflicting lulzworthy pain on the losers [sic] friends and relatives...