See also: manīt and mānīt

Northern SamiEdit


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  • (Kautokeino) IPA(key): /ˈmaɲiːh(t)/


maŋit (comparative maŋit, superlative maŋimus)

  1. latter (of two)
  2. next, following


Odd u-stem, no gradation
Attributive maŋit
Nominative maŋit
Genitive maŋibu
Attributive maŋit
Singular Plural
Nominative maŋit maŋibut
Accusative maŋibu maŋibuid
Genitive maŋibu maŋibuid
Illative maŋibui maŋibuidda
Locative maŋibus maŋibuin
Comitative maŋibuin maŋibuiguin
Essive maŋibun

Further readingEdit

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