Borrowed from French mansionette ("little house").

mansion +‎ -ette


mansionette (plural mansionettes)

  1. (US) A large and somewhat luxurious house.
    • 2007 March 12, Alessandra Stanley, “For This Family of Pros, the Con Is Everything”, in New York Times[1]:
      Trading in their battered RV and Louisiana swamplands for a sumptuous pink mansionette with swimming pool, the Malloys pull off their ruse with skill and also childish naïveté.
  2. (Britain) A flat that spans two or more floors, and often has its own entrance (i.e. not off a communal hallway).
    • 2014, Eoin McNamee, Blue is the Night:
      gone to London to work and had left her mansionette flat empty. The mansionettes stood on high ground overlooking the docks.

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