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mash +‎ -able


mashable (comparative more mashable, superlative most mashable)

  1. Of a consistency suitable for mashing.
    • 1892, William Hill Tucker, Arthur Christopher Benson, Eton of Old
      ...legs, loins, shoulders, and necks, accompanied with mashed potatoes, so long as they were mashable...
    • 1998, Greta Breedlove, The Herbal Home Spa
      Cook the pumpkin until mashable with a potato masher.
  2. (Internet, informal) Suitable for inclusion in a mashup.
    • 2007, Dana Moore, Raymond Budd, Edward Benson, Professional Rich Internet Applications
      As mentioned earlier, mashable services often require some sort of identifying information to understand what applications use their capabilities.
    • 2008, Raymond Yee, Pro Web 2.0 Mashups
      That is, this chapter answers the question, how would you as a content producer make your digital content most effectively remixable and mashable to users?